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Vilina Refined Oil

Vilina refined oil, procures the raw ingredients for its oils from across the world. Grown and nurtured in the best farms fields, Vilina refined oil, brings out the essence of a kitchen. Everyday meals are brought to life, when each household, picks out their choice of oil from the range Vilina refined oils. Packed with nutrition, this range of cooking oil is what every home needs.


Healthy Cooking Oil

Vilina's Sunflower Oil is what I recommend if anyone is looking for a healthy cooking oil option. As a regular common housewife, it is difficult for me to always use products which can be called health friendly. But I make no compromise when it comes to oil and Vilina's sunflower oil is perfect for me and my family. As Indians we always end up frying at least one or the other item in cooking oil, so choosing a healthy cooking oil becomes extremely important and that's why I choose Vilina.


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