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ShotOn for Oppo

? ShotOn for Oppo is a easy-to-use app that helps you to add ShotOn Tags on the photos captured with your built-in smartphone camera.

You can even customize ShotOn and Shot By Tag as per your preference e.g. “Shot on Oppo F3” and “Shot By “Your Name”” with Oppo Logo

Exclusive Shot on tag functionality that was previously available only for flagship and dual camera sensor capable phones is now available for all in the form of single app package! 

? What makes us stand out from the crowd?
? All-in-one Free App Package
? Adjustable ShotOn Stamp Tag Position
? Functionality to add your custom stamp
? Editable “ShotOn & Shot By” Tags

? It’s Features, keeping you in mind:
???? Extensive Font Formats to Fulfill all your need
???? Tune ShotOn Logo Size
???? Adjustable ShotOn Stamp Tag Position
???? Alterable Size of ShotOn Watermark Tag 
???? Customizable ShotOn Signature Text
???? Customizable Shot By Text Tag
???? Massive Database for Brand Logos

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