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INDIAlife culture
INDIAlife culture
INDIAlife culture

765 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

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Curry On

At Curry On, our focus is authenticity. All of our recipes come straight from the heart of India. We offer special items unique to our restaurant, such as the Matla Chicken--a delicacy found only in certain regions of India. Another speciality is the Indo-Chinese Chili Moga, which is fresh cassava fried to perfection and finished in a spicy sauce. Some of our most popular dishes are the Desi Chicken Curry and the Koya Kaju, which is a vegetarian dish with cashews, cream sauce, and an onion, tomato gravy with Indian cottage cheese. 

We also provide customized dishes to accommodate your personal dietary standards. We can adjust the spice level of all our dishes and we can also take orders without dairy. Another special accommodation is the Jain vegetarian diet, as a part of a religion where people abstain from food plucked out of the ground. 

Curry On serves people of all cultures and from all walks of life. We are committed to share the delicious food of our nation with all and we provide a friendly place to enjoy authentic Indian cuisine! 

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