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India has a lot of dust and pollution in the air & getting rid of these from homes & offices by way of daily regular cleanings is a challenge.

A Deep Cleaning Service helps you and your loved ones to stay safe from all the harms that dust & pollution can cause you.

Also, the food we cook in India has a lot of oil and masala which are very stubborn and cannot be removed without a de-grease process undertaken during a Deep Cleaning.

Shweta (Founder) of Klean Homz, came to realize that most homes & offices needed Deep Cleaning Services while she was pursuing her MBA from Pune.

Then, she researched & studied all aspects of Deep Cleaning for 2 years. After completing her research she worked for a Company providing Deep Cleaning Services from 2009 to 2011. She then started her venture Klean Homz in 2011. Klean Homz has steadily been growing in this industry since its inception in 2011.

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