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Indus Health Plus

Indus Health Plus is into spreading the awareness of prevention and this is their 16th successful year. Their headquarters are based in Pune. They deliver the best quality health checkups for retail masses and corporate clients in 423 cities.

Indus Health Plus, the preventive health specialists, offers unique yet comprehensive health checkup packages. You could customize these options which best suits you. They offer the following checkup packages:

  1. Full body checkup
  2. Fitness Checkup
  3. Essential Heart Checkup
  4. Family Package
  5. Women's Special Checkup
  6. Executive Package
  7. Senior Citizen's Special Checkup
  8. Corporate Health Checkup

(They offer the health checkup packages like Full body checkup, Fitness Checkup, Essential Heart Checkup, Family Package, Women's Special Checkup, Executive Package, Senior Citizen's Special Checkup and Corporate Health Checkup.)

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