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NeoStencil is India’s only Ed Tech Company that provides live online classrooms from top teachers. With a mission statement of Choose Your Classroom, it aims to revolutionize test preparation in India by connecting teachers and students seamlessly. Live!

It is well known that accessibility to the best coaching classes is limited to those who live in major cities. Others, unfortunately, have to be content with whatever arrangement is available locally. Either that, or rely on periodically dispatched study material that is often outdated, or view recorded lessons that have no scope for interaction. A majority of the hopeful applicants fail, not for lack of effort, but because they lacked access to the best teachers. Desperately, many travels far to Delhi, Kota, Hyderabad or any of those ‘hotspots’ of Test Preparation (pun unintended!). But the ordeal of leaving the security and comfort of home, family, and friends may not be an easy option for all. And relocation can be a costly move.

As the $8 billion industry stood stuck in time without any innovation, graduates from India’s top institutes like AIIMS, IIT, IIM, DCE joined hands to change things. Brainstorming sessions converged to an idea of the live classroom that thrives on technology and celebrates the joy of group learning. Dingy rooms were replaced by the comfort of home, crowded classrooms by live HD classes taken from the front row, a sea of strangers replaced by lively discussions.

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